Our Oysters change daily.  Our beds are packed with the freshest selection available, from both the West and East Coast, with special attention to BC.  The abundance of oyster farms on the BC coast is thanks in large part to the many ancient glacier cut fjords which create perfect circumstances for oysters to grow and thrive.  Most of BC's oyster farms are clustered in the Strait of Georgia, the hundred-mile inland sea stretching along the northeast coast of Vancouver Island.  Sheltered from the open ocean, the Strait offers endless calm hideaways for oysters.  The landscape is wild, unpolluted, and stunningly beautiful.  Today, no visit to British Colombia is complete without tasting our world class oysters. Prices range from $2.75 -$3.50 depending on the oyster.

There are just 4 common species of oyster, but dozens of different varieties.  To distinguish them in the marketplace oysters are typically named for their place of origin.  Since oysters take on the flavour of the water they grow in, there are as many different in flavour, as there are oysters.

Listed below are a few of our many favourites from around the world:

  • BEACH oysters
    From various areas along the British Columbia Coast.
    Small to X-Large hard shell with smooth edges.  A plump meat oyster with a clean, ocean salty flavour.

  • BEAUSOLEIL oysters
    From the North American East Coast around the Acadian Peninsula waters of New Brunswick.
    Small, delicate flavoured, firm meat in a clean uniform fluted shell.  Harvested in cool waters, therefore the oyster meat yield is still high.

  • BELON oysters
    From Okeover Inlet, Desolation Sound, British Columbia.
    Small, European flat oyster.  Distinctively salty, metallic flavour.

  • CHEFS CREEK oysters
    From Baynes Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
    Small, creamy, sweet oyster with medium brininess.

  • EFFINGHAM oysters
    From Effingham Inlet, West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
    Small with cream coloured meat in a petite fluted shell, oyster is tender and plump. The unforgettable flavour is vibrant, briny, with a smooth lettuce like finish.

  • FANNY BAY oysters
    From Baynes Sound, British Columbia.
    Small to Large with a fluted shell, firm flesh.  A pronounced sweetness and saltiness, watermelon aroma and cucumber finish.

  • FINE DE CLAIRE oysters
    From the Marennes Oleron basin on the French Atlantic Coast.
    These oysters differ from others because they are finished for several weeks in shallow clay ponds, where they develop higher quality shells.  The oyster is less fleshy with a sweeter, fruitier flavour.

  • KUMAMOTO oysters
    From Washington State
    X-Small with a sweet, full flavour and watermelon overtones.  Lovingly referred to as 'Kumo'.

  • KUSSHI oysters
    From Deep Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
    Kusshi means 'ultimate' in Japanese.  Plump creamy meat, sweet flavours with a smoky finish in a purple grayish and ivory coloured, deep cupped shell.

  • MALPEQUE oysters
    From Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island.
    Medium, crisp, delicate with a metallic finish.

    From Barkley Sound, British Columbia.
    Small, creamy coloured flesh with black around the mantle.  Smooth, clean flavour with delicate salty after tones.

    From New London Bay, Prince Edward Island.
    Medium, flat top and a deeply cupped bottom.  Salty with a clean flavour and sweet finish.

  • ROYAL MIYAGI oysters
    From the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.
    Medium, smooth textured, mild flavour with a clean kiwi finish.

  • SHIGOKU oysters
    From Willapa Bay, Washington State.
    Small, light clean taste of cucumber and salt.  Hybrid of Kusshi and Kumamoto

  • VILLAGE BAY oysters
    From New Brunswick.
    Small, delicate texture and salty flavour.  Hints of lettuce and asparagus.